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... reflect your status as an alum, and never change!

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On this page, you can reserve a PERMANENT e-mail address that reflects your status as an alum, and never changes. If you want another service, please CLICK HERE to go to the front page.

Here's how it works: after you send in the form below, we'll set up a permanent account for you, with a prestigious e-mail address like this:


Your permanent address does not replace your current address. Instead, mail sent to the permanent address is automatically forwarded to your current address.

This address will never change, even if you move or change the company from which you buy Internet access, such as AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy, or a local service provider.

Tell everyone to write to you at your permanent address. Put it on your business card, letterhead, website, or the signature file of your current e-mail software.

If you move, or change service providers, simply send in your new e-mail address. Mail sent to your permanent address will be automatically forwarded to the new address.

A permanent e-mail address costs just $11.95 per year (note: that's per YEAR, not per month) and will last a lifetime.

After you send in the form below, please wait for confirmation via e-mail (usually within 72 hours) before giving anyone your permanent address. In most cases, we can assign you the exact address you request (or very close) but the address should be similar to these examples:

jsmith@indiana.alum. org

The username to the left of the @ sign can be almost anything, as long as there are no punctuation marks. The information to the right of the @ sign includes a single word for the school (followed by "alum.org") or an abbreviation for the fraternity, followed by "fraternity.org" in each case. We will do our best to match your request exactly, but please wait for confirmation before giving out your permanent address.

Naturally, each address is unique, and can be assigned to one person only, so hurry! Please complete and send in the form below today. You should receive confirmation within 72 hours.

Reservation form for permanent address:

Your info will never be given to anyone except your school or fraternity without your permission in advance. Your Visa or MasterCard will be billed for $11.95 for a full year, payable to "Northshore.Net."

Your full name:
Full postal address:
Exp Date:
Full name of school:
Class year:
Fraternity or Sorority:
Initiation year:
Current e-mail:
Full address you want, ie:
Choose a password:
Type password again:

For other questions, click HERE to send a message to mailbox-orders@alum.org

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